More Hurricane Odile Photos – Todos Santos September 15, 2014

todos santos day after hurricane odile

Destroyed Crafts Store Palapa - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos day after hurricane odile

Pacifico Beer Bodega - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos day after hurricane odile

No Palapa At Restaurant Las Fuentes - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos day after hurricane odile

Calle Militar - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos day after hurricane odile

Awning From Pizzaria Tres Marias - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos


Change Your Clocks This Weekend In Baja Sur And Todos Santos

México doesn’t follow the US example with daylight savings time. Our clocks need to be set back one hour at 2 am on Sunday morning, October 26. The time change in the US happens a few weeks later. This will put Baja Sur on the same time as California until the US changes and 3 hours earlier than the US east coast so be aware NFL football fans.

Cabo Cortés Development At Cabo Pulmo Is Back?

It’s so hard to understand but Cabo Cortés is back in the hands of SEMARNAT. How many times do they have to reject the environmental proposal before the developers get the message? I asked a Mexican friend why he thought this project is getting another chance and he answered, “PRI.” Meaning that we are back to the old ways of doing business at the federal level since the return of PRI to the presidency of México. The recent approval by SEMERNAT of the toxic Los Cardones mine project in Baja Sur is yet another indication of that return to the old ways.

Threat To Cabo Pulmo Re-Emerges

Recent US News Stories About The Recovery In Los Cabos

In case you are having trouble locating information about the pace of recovery in Los Cabos, here are two somewhat recent links from the LA Times for you. (Remember, Costco reopens on October 29.)

Los Cabos Recovers From Hurricane Odile

Airlines Resume Flights To Los Cabos Airport (SJD)

Help Support A Surf Documentary About A Young Mexican Female Surfer In Baja Sur

I recently received an email from Elizabeth Pepin Silva and Paul Ferraris informing me of their documentary film project, “La Maestra”.  You can view the trailer above and here’s the nuts and bolts of their project in their own words:

We came across your blog and enjoyed your posts and photos of Todos. We’re emailing because we are fellow photographers/ filmmakers and we want to let people who write about Baja know about “La Maestra (The Teacher),” a half hour documentary we — surf photographer and teacher Paul Ferraris and Emmy Award winning public television filmmaker and surf photographer Elizabeth Pepin Silva — are making.
The film profiles a young Mexican teacher in a tiny rural fishing village in Baja, Mexico, who becomes the first Mexican woman surfer in her area. Told in Spanish (with English subtitles) using mainly Mayra’s voice, the film shows how she has gone on to inspire both her students and other local women to take up the sport and follow their dreams. Through her deep connection to the ocean, Mayra has also become an environmentalist, teaching her students the importance of land and sea stewardship through hands on learning. And surfers – don’t worry, we never reveal where Mayra lives, but those in the know will instantly recognize Mayra’s home town. If you feel inspired after watching our trailer, please help us to spread the word and also consider supporting our film, which will be released in late spring, 2015. 

You can learn more about the film and watch our trailer at:

Many thanks for considering our request. 

All the best,
Elizabeth & Paul
Producers/Directors, “La Maestra (The Teacher)”​