Has The Todos Santos Summer Finally Ended?

(Ok, today October 6, I will take the plunge. Another cool night 75F and less than burning hot yesterday with ok humidity so I think the weather is changing as long as we don’t get another tropical entity.)

I am afraid to make this post live until I am certain that I won’t jinx the apparent change in our weather. Today is October 5 (Monday) and on Saturday, October 3, we had a grey and rainy day with much cooler than normal temps and a solid breeze from the north/northwest. That night lows were measured around 73/74 F, our coolest night since late spring. Sunday, October 4, was very pleasant albeit hotter than Saturday but way cooler than earlier in the week. Overnight lows rose a bit to 76/77F but with the reduced humidity, it felt pleasant.

Today it’s just not as hot as it has been and the “bo-bos” (biting midges or no-see-ums) are less prevalent. It’s still not as humid as it had been earlier in October and in September so maybe, just maybe the summer is ending. If we are lucky enough to not have another tropical entity (depression, storm, hurricane) then we might be over the worst of it. September was hot, with days typically in the 89-92F range, with full sun and high humidity, causing heat index readings of 105-110F and lots of flying insects, both “bo-bos” and mosquitoes.

FYI, our summer usually ends sometime in mid to late October. Maybe we caught a break this year. One can hope…

2016 Todos Santos Music Festival Officially Announced

Looks like we will indeed have another iteration of the Todos Santos Music Festival in January of 2016. There was some lingering doubt due to unfulfilled sponsor obligations from 2015 but apparently all that has been resolved.

Official dates: January 14-16 and January 20-23, 2016.

The format will be the same as last year, i.e. Thursday, Friday and Saturday shows at the Hotel California during week one and Wednesday (local talent night), Thursday and Friday shows at the Hotel California during week two with a grand finale show on Saturday, January 23 in the main Todos Santos plaza.

Performers include: Jeff Tweedy, Old 97s, Autumn Defense, Torreblanca, Tigria, Filthy Friends, Frankie, Death Cab for Cutie, Drive By Truckers, La Santa Cecilia and the Jayhawks. Special guests include: Scott McCaughey, Chuck Prophet, Joseph Arthur, Steve Wynn, Kev’n Kinney and Mark Eitzel.

More info at: Todos Santos Music Festival


Mark Your Calendars – Oct. 2, 2015 Garbage Collected In Las Tunas, Todos Santos

I did some traveling this summer. When I returned in mid August I was surprised to see garbage containers lining the roads of El Otro Lado in Todos Santos. In my area of Las Tunas, we are lucky enough to have city garbage pickup on most Fridays but the trash was out on a Tuesday. What gives?

For the first time since August 12, garbage was collected in lower Las Tunas today, October 2 and we are lucky to have service as those north of us do not. And there was a lot to collect. I heard many stories, all true. The dump was closed as it was overflowing on to private land. The municipality of La Paz wasn’t paying workers (due to the the omnipresent corruption of the outgoing regime) including garbage men. Let’s hope the newly elected government charts a respectable path and continues to pay city workers, especially the sanitation crews.

One last question though – since the local dump is closed, where is the refuse going? If you pay a local to haul your trash, rest assured it is being dumped somewhere in the desert, likely an arroyo, and will end up in the ocean when the rains cause that arroyo to flow like a river. I was told that the garbage truck was hauling Todos Santos trash to La Paz to be dumped. I have no way to verify that.

No easy answers…

Toxic Mining Never Sleeps, Never Rests And Never Seems To Go Away

Where will the water we need to live here come from if the aquifer is poisoned by open pit gold mining in the sierras? The city council in La Paz doesn’t represent the people who live in the area. They voted to allow the Los Cardones mine to proceed. I have yet to meet any person in favor of the mine – permissions have been denied for many years and suddenly this. Does big money always get its way in México?

State politicians say they will fight the mine – this includes the new governor Carlos Mendoza and the new mayor of La Paz, Armando Martínez. It never should have come to this. Vamos a ver.

Politicians Speak Out Against Los Cardones Gold Mine


In Case You Missed It: La China Captured In Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur

Like the subject says, in case you missed the news, Melissa Calderon aka La China was recently apprehended in Baja Sur. She is suspected of over 150 “narco” hits and she had been active in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur.

Two excellent stories are available online:

From the UK’s Daily Mail: A feared female cartel boss known for kidnapping her victims and dumping their dismembered bodies on their families’ doorsteps has been shopped to police by her own hitman lover who became horrified by the monster she had become.

La China’s Hitman Boyfriend Shops Her To The Cops

From The Daily Beast: La China led a ‘special forces’ army of murderers, then went rogue, terrorizing Cabo San Lucas with a fleet of 300 killers. And she might have kept at it—if her lover hadn’t snitched.

La China Was The Cartel’s Top Assassin

Now that she is currently out of action (who knows, maybe she’ll pull off an escape too!) will the murder rate in La Paz decrease? Hard to say – there have been drug related murders since her apprehension. Time will tell.