2016 East Pacific Hurricane Season Is Upon Us

May 15 is the official first day of the East Pacific hurricane season and November 30 is the last day. Storms can form and present danger beyond these dates but normally the vast majority of storms occur between these dates.

NOAA hasn’t yet released their predictions but the Mexican weather service and some online weather services have. (As an aside, the weather has been about perfect for most of May. Nights remain cool (60s F), humidity low and days warm and sunny but very pleasant and sometimes even cold in the shade. We need to enjoy this while we can because summer is coming!)

todos santos 2016 hurricane predictions

2016 East Pacific Hurricane Forecast - SMN

todos santos hurricane forecast 2016

2016 East Pacific Hurricane Prediction - Accuweather

I’ll post again when NOAA releases their take on the Todos Santos storm season or when a storm forms that might affect us. Yes, I know there is a “Howard” this year. Kinda scary!

Viviane Mahieux Unveils The “Dark Side” Of Tres Santos

Viviane Mahieux has written yet another article (this time appearing on theecologist.org) covering the issues surrounding the Tres Santos development and the town/people of Todos Santos. As always, this is a very well done piece. You should read it.

A small fishing community in Mexico’s Baja California is playing involuntary host to a gigantic tourism and real estate development, writes Viviane Mahieux. And while the branding of the Tres Santos resort is all about mindfulness, ecology and sustainability, the reality is one of big money, high level politics, and the unaccountable deployment of state violence against those who dare oppose it.

Brutal, opaque, illegal: the dark side of the Tres Santos ‘mindfulness’ eco-tourism resort


Todos Santos Gastrovino 2016 Official Poster

Todos Santos hosts the Gastrovino Festival this weekend, Friday through Sunday. It’s an easy way to sample some of the best culinary delights that Todos Santos has to offer.

todos santos gastrovino

Official Todos Santos Gastrovino Poster - Art By Kate Turning

Las Tunas Todos Santos Dune Construction Update From ACTS

ACTS, Asociacíon Colonias de Todos Santos, in their most recent newsletter reveals this info about the recent attempt to build a home on the dunes in Las Tunas at the end of Calle Mango:

The ECO Committee of ACTS collected nearly 600 petition signatures supporting the TS Urban Plan which does not allow permanent structures on our barrier dunes. Construction started on a dunes lot in early 2016 near Calle Los Mangos, in violation of the law. All activity was stopped by Profepa and the owners were given ample time to produce proper permits and an environmental report. They failed to do so.  

As reported by Ecologia de Ayuntamento La Paz, this project has been shut down permanently and the owner will be heavily fined. The judge will hopefully order dunes restoration for the area they destroyed.  There is a federal case still pending.

It is important to note that real estate agents, developers, contractors, and architects who mislead dune lot owners into believing they can build on a dunes lot are also subject to being prosecuted.  

Any homeowner who lives behind a home that has already been built on a dune also has the right to litigate for endangerment, due to compromising the safety and protection a dune provides. 


2300 Foreign Residents Of Todos Santos “No Longer Involved In Political Issues”

Wait a minute, 2300 foreign residents in Todos Santos? Ok, that’s not the best way to get us to believe the rest of the story. Wonder how they counted 2300 foreigners – perhaps there are 2300 homes in the greater Todos Santos area (including Pescadero and Elias Calles) but no way do 2300 foreigners call Todos Santos home. And large water storage tanks do little good if the city doesn’t deliver water according to their published schedules.

From BCSnoticias by way of Fulano:

2,000 residents of Todos Santos are foreigners, “they no longer get involved” in politics, says delegate

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS)- Approximately 2,300 of the 8,000 inhabitants of Todos Santos, in the southern part of the municipality of La Paz, are foreigners who have settled in the community for years and generate a benefit, according to the locals. They create job opportunities and have other economic effects on the economy, “as they buy land and other assets, leaving a large money flow, ” said delegate Jesús Beltrán.

The delegate from the Magic Town stressed that most of the North Americans who live here want the peace and tranquility, and support the community in tasks such as cleaning and urban improvements. Although, he admitted that recently a group of foreigners participated in marches and meetings, including public discussions on political matters, such as what happened last January with guitarist Peter Buck, which caused him to leave the country when he was sought by the National Immigration Institute, as published by El Sudcaliforniano.

Jesús Beltrán said that after that incident, foreigners living in Todos Santos have removed themselves from political issues, and even met with municipal authorities to show their willingness to collaborate, but not interfere in other issues. “They no longer get involved, they are thankful to the people, now everybody is happy and content,” he said.

In the matter of providing potable water services to foreigner who live in Todos Santos, he said most of them are not suffering for a lack of the vital liquid, as all or almost all have large water storage tanks, and anyway the authorities respond at every opportunity in case some problem arises.

Original story here: No Longer Involved