Tacos Chilakos No Mas In Todos Santos?

Tell me it ain’t so, please! The anchors of quaint Todos Santos life seem to be slowing disappearing. Tacos Chilakos and Pelon have been there almost as long as I have serving possibly the best non seafood tacos in Todos Santos. They also had meat and chicken tortas as well as bean and cheese burritos. My first few years in Todos Santos meant visiting Tacos Pilar (across Militar from the current bus station location) and Tacos Chilakos often for inexpensive and good tacos. Pilar served fish tacos and homemade french fries and had the only public telephone/fax in Todos Santos for many years. The Tacos Pilar building was being torn down as I left town a couple of weeks ago. Sigh.

Rima Lyn informed me via email that the kitchen and counter service were there one day and gone the next. She helpfully sent the photos below.

tacos chilakos todos santos

Sad But True, Tacos Chilakos Dismantled

tacos chilakos todos santos

Sad But True, Tacos Chilakos Dismantled

Pelon is the nickname of the proprietor, Jose Dominguez. The Dominguez family once owned Casa Dracula and much of the surrounding farmland which was used for sugar cane at that time.

Rima can’t yet tell me if Tacos Chilakos might pop up at a new location but still this is quite a shock.

Finally Real Rain In Todos Santos

I’m traveling at the moment, so no first hand reports or photos but yesterday, August 13, it rained in the Todos Santos / Pescadero area. Real rain. Hard rain. About .77 inches in a few hours. That’s a lot of rain in the desert. I am sure there were severe runoffs and possible dangerous flash flood conditions especially if the arroyos filled with water from the mountains. I should get paid to travel in August as it seems every time I have to leave, it rains intensely.

Also, my friend Rima of Bistro Magico fame, sent me the below photo of lightening striking in La Paz on August 12. Reports indicate the strike hit a restaurant that subsequently caught on fire. That’s all I know. If you know more, please comment.

la paz baja sur

Lightening Striking In La Paz, Baja Sur On August 12, 2014 - photo Rima Lyn

Todos Santos By-Pass Road To Have Toll Booths Soon

I had been hearing confirmation that the federal government did indeed plan to collect tolls on the Todos Santos by-pass road much to the consternation of state officials. Does this mean all the heavy traffic that the road was meant to detour around our little pueblo magico will now return including the loud semis? While the street vendors (food especially) may profit from it if they do,  I certainly hope they do not.

Driving in town is much simpler without big trucks and traffic going from Los Cabos to La Paz clogging our simple roads.

Read about it in Spanish at Colectivo Pericú:

Toll Booths For Todos Santos By-Pass Road

July 11, 2014 Letter To CSU And Colorado Governor Concerning Tres Santos Development In Todos Santos

As I mentioned in the last post, a very serious letter was sent to both the governor of Colorado and the president of Colorado State University sharing community concerns about the Tres Santos development and CSU’s involvement with the commercial development. The letter is signed by names you may recognize and includes 3 Mexicans and 3 foreigners (2 of whom have been actively involved in protecting the environment of Baja Sur for over 15 years.)

You can read/download scanned copies of the letter (in PDF format) at the link below.

Letter to CSU and Governor of Colorado

The Missing Month – Todos Santos In July

I’m still here just haven’t been real motivated to write about the same old things.

It’s slow in Todos Santos. It’s been hot and humid since the last week of June and it just keeps getting hotter. I was in the sun for 4-5 hours yesterday and even though I drank LOTS of water, I was bone dry by evening. The main topic of conversation for locals both Mexican and foreign is the heat. Nearly every conversation begins with “Hot isn’t it?” or “If it’s this hot now, what will September bring?” Yesterday temp reached 91 F in Pescadero with high 70s humidity yielding a heat index of over 107F! That is not Todos Santos summer weather. This last week has been like mid September. Both Mexicans who have lived here all their lives and long term foreigners (20+ years) agree that this is the hottest and most miserable summer in memory – and the worst is only just beginning. It is the hottest I have ever experienced here.

And the tropical weather continues to flourish in the East Pacific, frighteningly so. Storm after storm are forming (names up to H already) and thankfully moving west but still affecting us by keeping the ocean warm and the temps and humidity high. It seems inevitable that a storm or two should visit the Todos Santos area this season.

Where I live in south Las Tunas in Todos Santos, it has rained twice in July. The first time in early July was a good hard rain that left everything clean and soaked. The second about a week ago was a tease but better than nothing. The skies were dark and ready to explode but all we got was less than an hour of light rain.

City water delivery in certain areas of Todos Santos has been terrible. I have gotten water 3 days a week religiously for many years now but not lately. It’s hit or miss. I never know what day (if any) the water will arrive so my garden is suffering horribly. Lots of dry plants in my hood. We just went a week without city water and luckily got a multiple hours dose on Sunday. Hard to water plants if you don’t know when the water is on.

Wednesday, July 23, there was yet another huerta fire in the La Poza/La Cachora area. It was a bad one and threatened the Posada La Poza resort that fronts the ocean in that area. Of course, city water was off city wide that day, so you had people hauling 5 gallon buckets of water from the swimming pool to douse any embers threatening to ignite available dry plant materials. As far as I know, there were no homes badly damaged and no one was injured.

A letter from concerned local residents that was sent to CSU and the governor of Colorado was publicly released. I’ll post a link soon. The letter states concerns of locals over the Tres Santos project and CSU’s involvement. Some local Mexicans are under the mistaken impression that their children will be able to attend CSU’s satellite school in Todos Santos and earn a CSU degree. Other locals mistakenly believe there will be high paying work for them during the construction phase of the project.

I have an idea. Since we don’t seem to have enough water for the current population, let’s authorize a huge development that will potentially use a current week’s worth of water in one day. Sounds logical to me. Oh you say, the development water will come from desal right? Perhaps potable water will but I’m hearing that they will need aquifer water for horticulture and construction at a minimum. And no matter how you secure that other water, my understanding is it all comes from the same source, the aquifer that supplies potable water to Todos Santos. Priorities anyone?

I hope all you locals have good fans, lots of shade and air conditioning for sleeping at night. And give thanks to CFE (electric commission) for adjusting the rate/usage category for Todos Santos. It means most of use CAN use a/c at night and not get the dreaded DAC (high consumption) electric rates.