It’s Getting Serious In La Paz

Drug violence that is. I haven’t been writing about the killings but they continue. I don’t have a total but it has to be well over 100 since last July when the killings began in earnest. So far no known innocents have been killed but isn’t it just a matter of time? The shootings are becoming more brazen, more in daylight, more in public areas so who can say.

I also read yesterday that there have been 4 drug related killings in Cancun this week, possibly marking the beginning of a fight over that area too. Things certainly are less certain than we had grown accustomed to.

But the reason for this post is an article I read about kids in school in La Paz being run through duck and cover drills just in case they hear shooting. Reminds me a bit of the old “nuclear war” training we had in elementary school, ducking our heads, arms over our heads, duck under tables or desks – as if that would help at all in the event of a nuclear attack. But this routine will help kids avoid bullets if a shooting occurs nearby a school.

So it’s happening in La Paz.

Reading, Writing And Ducking In La Paz


May Weather And First Inklings Of Tropical Activity

Ok, it’s been a while since I talked about the weather. After a winter that never really seemed to arrive, we have been enjoying a remarkable May. Nights have been very cool and days, while sometimes hot, have been overwhelmingly tolerable even in the sun. In the shade, it’s always been cool in May and we have had mostly north and west winds. The few times we had south winds (due to large swells coming from “down under”) it has gotten warmer, cloudy and muggy. But within days, the nights cooled back down into the low 60s F.

Right now there are two Invests in the Pacific but they are well west of us and not likely to threaten us at all. However, what usually happens (yes, I realize usually might not count for much any more with all the climate change) is that the first tropical disturbances cause our night temps to rise about 5F and the air gets more humid. With luck the temps drop back down in a few days but not always. And with two disturbances out there, the chances are high that our temps will change and stay warmer.

Remember, Invests are disturbed areas of a potential tropical nature that may become depressions, storms and possibly hurricanes. Timing is right. The storm season started mid-May and it’s about normal for the first depressions to show up by the end of May. I believe last year the first disturbances appeared before the official start to the storm season.

Check the map from Weather Underground to see where Invest 90 and 91 are located.

Invest 90 And 91


Driving Baja Before Paved Roads

Ever wonder what it was like before Highway 1 (and later Highway 19) were paved, long before they became the tourist friendly 2 and 4 lane highways that they are now. Well, courtesy of BajaBound, we have a first person account, with photos, from author David Kier. This story will surely make you reconsider any current day complaints about road travel on the Baja peninsula.

To drive an automobile from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas was once such a rare and amazing feat that the few who did it wrote books about it. South of El Rosario, the road was just a single lane, pair of tracks, worn into the rocky and sandy soil. Signage was rare or wrong and one would simply follow the most recent looking tire tracks. 

The Old Baja Road


Tres (Playa) Santos Slides From July 2013 Public Meeting

Here are a few of the slides from the presentation. Note that one says no municipal water will be used and another says no water from the aquifer will be used.

Sorry for the small images but you can click on the image for a larger version – I could not figure another way to quickly display them legibly.

tres santos todos santos baja

Project Summary Slide

todos santos baja tres santos project

Water Bullet Points

todos santos baja tres santos

Desal Plant

todos santos baja tres santos project

After Filtration Waste Water (Salty)

todos santos baja tres santos project

Residual Water Treatment


Truth Santos Counters Tres Santos In Todos Santos, Baja Sur

It’s been about 2 years since Tres Santos (then Playa Santos) had their SEMARNAT mandated dog and pony show in the Todos Santos theatre to inform the public of their long range development plans for our area. Many seasoned veterans of the development wars were highly skeptical of the statements being made and time is proving that their skepticism was well founded. I photographed nearly the entire slide show presentation and will try to locate the specific slides pertaining to water use and Punta Lobos fisherman access issues since it appears that Tres Santos is totally reneging on promises made at that meeting, which was the ONLY public contact between the developers and the community. Our worst nightmares are becoming real.

Below are two videos, one from Tres Santos documenting their attempt to sell the project to wealthy investors/clients at a dinner and booze bash somewhere in the US and another from a new group ( trying to publicize hard facts concerning the project and illuminate the suspect activities that are ongoing at Punta Lobos and beyond. Be sure to visit the site to read more information that Tres Santos would prefer remained hidden.

There is no doubt that the two biggest threats to the continued existence of the Todos Santos we all currently love are Tres Santos and gold mining in the Sierra de la Laguna. Be informed, aware and vocal in your opposition to these projects as the Todos Santos of today will not be able to continue to exist if these projects succeed. If you happen to be considering buying into the Tres Santos project, do your homework independently. Don’t trust what the sales people tell you. All that glitters in Baja Sur is NOT gold.