Another Todos Santos Weather Update

I know you all enjoy these little Todos Santos weather updates so here’s another. After two days of short light rain (while dark skies threatened more) we finally received a decent downpour in Las Tunas, Todos Santos. Rain is typically localized due to the basic nature of thunderstorms so I don’t know how far this rain reached. This morning at around 6:45 am it began pouring down and continued until about 7:30 am. Finally there were puddles and streams of water washing across dirt roads leaving ruts. The trees and other plants have all been washed clean and the dusty dirt roads should be not so dusty for the next day or two.

At 1:45 pm according to the weather station in Pescadero Heights, it’s 89F with 74% humidity for a heat index of 102 F. That’s hot and sticky baby!

We are down to only one storm out there, moving away and rapidly falling apart, but at least we got some rain this time! We need a lot more.

Oh My, It’s HOT And Humid In Todos Santos!

Dual tropical storms formed yesterday, Douglas and Elida. This is the second time this early storm season that 2 have existed at the same time. We are already up to the “E” names and June has only just left us.  Normally a storm takes energy out of the water and it takes a while for enough energy to build up for another storm. No so this season. We started with the biggest bang ever, 2 Cat 4 storms in the first days of the season. This is unprecedented in my 18 years here.

And sure enough, the double storm whammy has brought mid to late August temps here for July 1. Winds blew from the south/southwest all day. Last night at 10 pm, it was 85 F inside my living room. It only got down to 78-80 F overnight. For the first time ever in June, I had to use the a/c last night. The humidity is high and the air heavy. The heat index was well over 100 F yesterday. Absolute air temp was measured at 92 F yesterday in Pescadero Heights, a very unusual occurrence. What is going on? What will August and September, our normally hottest months, bring?

It’s going to be a trying summer. Let’s hope for rain which, even though we have had overcast skies, hasn’t yet blessed us. There were some light rain showers in the Elias Calles area yesterday mid afternoon but that’s as close as Todos Santos has come to rain from these storms.

Todos Santos 2014 5K Walk/Run Dates Announced

December 27, 2014 – nice right? Plenty of people in town, cool weather. Here’s more info from Ejay and the FB post:

Current info about the Por Que 5K and the Chino program. Dec 27th, 2014 is race day.

How does the Chino Program help children with major medical needs?

The money is typically used in the following ways:

1. We buy medical supplies like pediatric colostomy bags, specialized glasses, hearing aids, and back braces.
2. We pay for surgeries. Recent examples include eye surgery and a procedure for a nondescended testacle.
3. We pay for expensive studies and laboratory work.
4. We pay for therapy. For example, we have paid for therapy for a victim of sexual abuse as well as socialization therapy for a boy with Asperger’s disease.
5. We pay for transportation. Sometimes, a family just needs money for bus trips to La Paz, but we have also paid for family members to accompany their child to Obregon, Guadalajara, and Mexico City.

What is the Por Que 5K?
The Por Que 5K is an annual road race held the last Saturday in December. The race has two primary goals: to raise funds for the Chino Program which pays children’s medical expenses and to promote the value of healthy exercise for all members of the Todos Santos Community. This event is the only annual fundraiser dedicated solely for these purposes.

What is our financial goal for this year’s race?  [ read more ... ]

Todos Santos 2015 Historic Home Tour Dates Announced

March 15, 2015- beware the Ides of March but attend the 2015 Todos Santos Historic Home tour and help out The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A. C.

Ticket sales from 9:30 am to 2 pm. Tour times from 10 am to 3 pm. Tickets can be purchased by email at or on the day of the event.

Some numbers from the 2014 Todos Santos Historic Home tour:
Net raised for Palapa Society: 24,720 pesos
Net raised for Todos Santos Bomberos (firemen): 4,361 pesos
Total operating cost for 2014: 485,000 pesos 

Donations can be made in many ways to the Palapa Society of Todos Santos. More info is available on our website at

Donate Original Music And Help The Palapa Society Of Todos Santos Raise Funds

I just found out (thanks Janelle!) that The Palapa Society of Todos Santos A.C. is trying to raise funds by selling participating musicians’ original music. They posted on FB but not anywhere else so here’s my attempt to help get the word out.

For all of our talented musician out there, please consider uploading a song to Usemusic for charity. The Palapa Society of Todos Santos has just joined and is excited to be part of such a great way for people to experience music and give back to the artist and a charity at the same time.

Use this link: