Last Minute Mine Protest Announced Today, July 8, 2015

From ACTS:

Dear ACTS Members and BCS Residents!

The “miners” are at it again! The developers of the Los Cardones Mine project are working very hard to gain influence with newly elected Baja California Sur Legislators and other government officials.

In order to undermine these developers’ efforts to secure a mine permit and to emphasize the peoples’ overwhelming anti-mine sentiment, a group from Todos Santos will meet at 8:30 AM tomorrow at the Parque Los Pinos (across from Fuentes & La Casita) and then caravan to La Paz. Below is a letter from Ariel Ruiz Castillo (

Our continuing support of the anti-mine efforts is crucial for the future well-being of Todos Santos and its inhabitants.  If you currently are in Todos Santos, please join the protest tomorrow because:

                                             Together We Are Strong!!


Board of Directors, ACTS (Asociacion de Colonias de Todos Santos)




Una vez más, ante la terquedad de las empresas mineras de explotar el oro en las inmediaciones de la Sierra de la Laguna, con lo cual se estaría contaminando terriblemente  nuestra agua y suelos,  y afectando la vida de plantas, animales y nuestra propia vida humana,  y  ante la indefinición del Cabildo del Ayuntamiento de La Paz sobre este asunto tan importante,  les INVITAMOS, para que este jueves 09 de julio nos reunamos a las 08:30 de la mañana  en el parque LOS PINOS, para acudir a la ciudad de La Paz  a  EXIGIR y DEFENDER NUESTRO DERECHO a  un ambiente sano, ante  la PRESIDENCIA MUNICIPAL DE LA PAZ Y SU CABILDO.

Si es posible, acudan en su propio vehículo o bien dispuestos a compartir un espacio para salir juntos en caravana a la ciudad de La Paz.


Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, a martes  07 de julio de 2015.



Some Quick Hurricane/Tropical Storm Blanca Thoughts

Blanca has come and gone, visiting Todos Santos in the middle of the night. Do these storms ever come during daylight hours, so we can see what’s happening?She was no Odile but still a pain. Top winds measured at the Pescadero Heights weather station were 47 mph. Total rain at that location was .12 inches.

We got very little rain and so the winds blew fine, silty dirt everywhere! I have grit on every flat surface I have checked. If we have to have a record breaking early storm, then we deserve a solid amount of precipitation. I understand it did rain in the mountains and that’s good since that’s the rainfall that feeds our aquifers.

Electricity, landlines, cell phones and internet stayed mostly on for the entire duration of the storm. Blanca was a teaser and she rapidly lost strength and form as she reached Cabo San Lucas. It was hard to see the center of the storm on satellite images. We would have winds for a while and then nothing. Until about 11 pm when the sustained gale forces arrived. She was moving slower as she passed Todos Santos, so it took most of the night for her to move on.

The two days before Blanca were hot and humid with temps reaching 95-98 F. Again, typically unheard of in our area, especially in June. Humidity was in the high 80-95s. Oppressive. Mercifully, temps dropped as soon as she passed and tonight is cooling down rapidly.

Blanca was the earliest second major hurricane in the eastern Pacific since modern records began and by far and away the earliest to threaten Todos Santos. If you check historical records of storm paths, none come north on the Pacific side this early.  The first two storms of this season have been CAT4. Another invest is percolating down there right now. It’s going to be a long and dangerous hurricane season for Baja Sur. I am not sure that historical norms continue to apply.

Security Operations To Be Intensified In La Paz, Baja Sur

The drug violence continues in La Paz and this has led the authorities to increase security operations. According to and translated by Fulano:

La Paz, Baja California Sur – As a part of the operations by the Municipal police, they will remove cars from circulation vehicles with polarized windows and will search all persons who “walk the streets in the late hours of the night.”

Through a press release it was reported that in addition patrol operations in specific colonias in the city, they will also search all vehicles “which generate any sensation of uncertainty or suspicion to residents of the city.”

Regarding the vehicle inspections, it was stated that “they will be removing from circulation those vehicles with polarized windows, and which are moving around suspiciously, have no license plates or with license plates from other states.”

The municipal police indicated that these operations will be random and constant over the next few weeks, at the places of higher crime.

Todos Santos Warily Watching Tropical Storm Blanca

I had a not good feeling that we would be experiencing a long, threatening hurricane season due to the abnormally warm air and sea temps. But not even I would have believed that we would be under the gun in June. That just is not the historical norm. This storm behavior is normal for late August and September but not for June. Andres and Blanca were both born in the same area of the Pacific where the water temps are very high and the wind shear is low. Typically these early strong storms go west and never approach Baja Sur.

But the forecasters say that currently Blanca is projected to make a bee line for Cabo San Lucas. Of course she could deviate (and let’s hope she does) and go further east or west. West would be the preference, far away from land masses.

While the rain would be welcome, high winds would not be. The center of Todos Santos is still a construction mess and most roads are dirt that will become a quagmire with heavy rain and winds. We just don’t need any more destruction right now so let’s all cross our fingers.

It might be wise to start preparations early. Argh.

A side note: this will have to affect statewide elections scheduled for Sunday morning and afternoon, right?

tropical storm blanca

Tropical Storm Blanca - June 2, 2015 - Heading For Los Cabos

tropical storm blanca

Tropical Storm Blanca - June 2, 2015 - Heading For Los Cabos


Eastern Pacific Hurricane Predictions From US National Hurricane Center

On May 29, the US National Hurricane Center and NOAA released their predictions for the Eastern Pacific storm season. The bottom line is very similar to predictions released by others, including the Mexican weather service about 2 weeks ago. Check the graphic below and read the full story at the link provided. It’s going to be a long, hot and stormy summer.

todos santos baja hurricane 2015 predictions

NOAA Eastern Pacific Hurricane Predictions

NOAA Eastern Pacific 2015 Hurricane Season Predictions