Condé Nast Traveler Covers Todos Santos (Or Is It Tres Santos?)

Condé Nast Traveler just published a series on Baja Sur and of course included Todos Santos. The article is well written (even if you think the slant is somewhat juvenile) BUT a large part of the story reads like a PR release for Tres Santos. Makes me wonder if they “sponsored” the “journalist’s  unbiased” visit to the area.

No matter how much self serving BS may be included, it’s still worth a read.

Finding Just Right In Baja Sur, México

On a similar note, there has been a ton of press covering Todos Santos lately, mostly from big name US sources. I attribute this to the PR push from Tres Santos as they are prominently mentioned in most every story (including the Condé Nast one) and the local opposition to the project is rarely noted. Sad way to get press and I’m not at all certain that “any press is good press.” On the positive side, I keep hearing that Tres Santos is not having success pre-selling units.

The Rolling Stone Magazine Covers 2016 Todos Santos Music Festival

It took 5 years, but Rolling Stone magazine finally truly covered this year’s Todos Santos Music Festival. I’m not certain that David Fricke has all the details correct (in fact he confused me at several points in the article) but he has given us an interesting story, well worth a view. (A quick aside: turmoil is still boiling away over Peter Buck’s comments in the town plaza during the finale. Politicians in La Paz are not at all happy and may take action. Or not.)

Peter Buck’s Paradise


Todos Santos Fishermen Protest Against Tres Santos Over? Peter Buck In The Crosshairs?

I don’t know anything more than what I just discovered on Fulano from the local press. Perhaps, if true, this just underscores the power of money and influence in México.

Read the links for more:

Todos Santos Fishermen Support Tres Santos?

Foreigners Not Able To Legally Protest In México

Note that the second link contains this unsettling verbage:

He (Fabricio González Rodríguez, state director of the Businessmen’s Confederation of Mexico (Coparmex)in Baja California Sur) also referred to the message from American guitarist Peter Buck, a former member of R.E.M. – which he sent to those attending the Todos Santos Music Festival, where he supported defending the environment during his performance, urging the people to oppose the Tres Santos project and accusing politicians of corruption, all this while he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to versions from some of those attending and published in the same newspaper.

The ATM On Location At The Bank Is Safe, Right?

Well, maybe not so much. A cloning device was found in an ATM at a Banorte bank in San Jose del Cabo recently. Hope none of you used that ATM.

From Fulano by way of BCSNoticias:

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). This Wednesday morning, ATM maintenance personnel found a cloning device for credit and debit cards at the Banorte branch at Plaza Arámburo Santa Rosa, in San José del Cabo.

It is a sophisticated computer system, published Colectiv Pericú, that was located with a foreign connection which runs from the card reader to the lower part of the ATM, which certainly has a two camera video surveillance system.

The same source clarified that the device was not connected properly, however, it is possible it was to be used for a massive cloning operation. The apparatus emitted a WiFi signal which could be captured by any telephone or laptop to extract the information and use it.…-del-cabo/


Another Weather Tidbit

I forgot to mention that the last 2-3 days we have been having S/SW winds which is very odd for this time of year. The net result is warmer temps in the high 70s F and a bit more humidity. Nights are warmer too but still coolish. Works out well for the music festival as you don’t need to bring a lot of warm clothes to be comfortable.