GastroVino 2015 April 24 – 26, 2015

Coming up soon, the 3rd (I think) annual GastroVino Baja Food & Wine Festival in Todos Santos. There will be events at the Hotel California (24th) and Guaycura (25th) but the big kahuna is the 26th in the Todos Santos main plaza. Sadly, the brainiacs that decide road construction have begun a massive deconstruction of the center of Todos Santos that will interfere with the festival. Parking will be at a premium and lots of dust will be in the air from the now all dirt Calle Juarez.

gastrovino todos santos

2015 GastroVino Poster

The Toxic Mine Just Won’t Die!

This just in – there is a rally tomorrow, April 16, in Todos Santos at the park near the only stoplight in town.

Dear ACTS Members and BCS Residents:
The developers of the Los Cardones Mine project are at it again! They now have closed off access roads leading to the Sierra Laguna Biosphere so that the area can be prepped for road widening and excavation. The closing of access roads is completely illegal so Todos Santos Delegado Arturo Villalobos is heading-up a caravan of cars this Thursday, April 16th at 3 PM to protest this disgraceful action. Members of the media will be going as well. 
If you are in the Todos Santos area, plan on driving your own car and joining the anti-mine caravan at the Parque Los Pinos (park across from La Casita and Las Fuentes Restaurants) this Thursday at 3 PM.
               Together We Are Strong!
Board of Directors
ACTS (Asociacion de Colonias de Todos Santos)

La Paz Remains On US State Department Travel Advisory List

The US State Department’s latest (April 13, 2015) travel warning for México still includes La Paz, Baja Sur, and with good reason. There isn’t much international press about it, but the killings (targeted and drug related) are continuing in the greater La Paz area with new bodies discovered almost every day. I only go to La Paz now if there is no other option, e.g. to visit government offices that only exist in La Paz.

Baja California Sur: Cabo San Lucas and La Paz are major cities/travel destinations in the state of Southern Baja California – Exercise caution in the state capital of La Paz. According to the Department of Interior of Mexico, in 2013 Baja California Sur registered its highest homicide rate since 1997. Many of these homicides occurred in La Paz, where there has been an increase in organized crime-related violence.

Mexico Travel Warning


Sam’s Club In Los Cabos Not To Reopen

Well there’s not much more to say. News reports state that Sams in Los Cabos will remained closed. I guess after the hurricane damage and ensuing looting, the powers that be simply decided it wasn’t worth it. As far as I know, the Sam’s in La Paz is still operating. I wonder what will become of the space – it’s a big part of the Walmart complex.

Sam’s Club In Los Cabos Will Not Reopen


2015 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Predictions

Hurricane Odile is not a distant memory but time marches on and the 2015 Eastern Pacific hurricane season is set to begin mid May. As many of us who live here already realize, it could be a dangerous hurricane season. We never really had a winter this season – the lowest overnight temp I am aware of was 52F in January. Usually we get to the low 40′s and sometimes the high 30′s. In February, it seemed we were having June weather leading some to wonder, what would June-Sept be like. Guess we will find out soon enough.

There is no official prediction from the National Hurricane Center in the US yet, but the Mexican Water Commission has released their forecast, predicting 19 named storms with 7 to become CAT 1 or 2 and another 4 to become CAT 3,4 or 5. That’s a lot of powerful storms to dodge. It’s supposed to be an El Niño year so that will keep the water warmer than ever and support storms that come north along the Pacific coast. Wish us luck!

More Hurricanes In The Pacific This Year