Carnaval In La Paz – 2015 Dates Released

This information was found on a La Paz email newsletter and I believe it is accurate but as of yet, there has been no formal publicity for Carnaval 2015 with which to verify the official dates.

The Carnaval will take place 12-15 of February in 2015. The theme will be plumajes ancestrales referring to the custom of wearing ceremonial costumes made with bird feathers.

Drug Deaths In Pescadero Weekend Of November 8

I hate making posts like this and have been hesitant to do so but after asking lots of questions, I finally feel I have enough info to do it justice. Maybe. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news of late.

Without a doubt, there is an ongoing battle being waged in Baja Sur for control of the local drug trade. I’ll post more on the subject in general later this week as I believe I finally have a handle on what might be happening. It’s hard to filter out all the rumor based noise and I may not be 100% successful.

There were two drug related deaths in Pescadero over the weekend of November 8. One was a case of a drug user (not dealer) being in the wrong location at the wrong time. The other had the markings of the typical drug execution that has been plaguing Baja Sur and La Paz since the summer.

From what I know, the wrong place/wrong time killing happened in a residential area of central Pescadero. Several people at this location heard a loud vehicle coming down the street and fled over a wall to hide. The unlucky young man apparently got stuck getting over the wall and was shot to death from the moving vehicle. The other people involved were unharmed.

Murders In Pescadero (scroll the entire story for details on the second murder too)

2nd Murder In Pescadero

Yes, There Is Dengue In Baja Sur, La Paz, Todos Santos and Pescadero

I am not really sure how much of this info is available in the US but this has been a bad season in Baja Sur for dengue. There have been thousands of cases (supposedly verified by blood tests) of dengue in the municipality of La Paz, which includes Todos Santos and Pescadero. People are not at all vigilant about removing or treating areas of standing water and Hurricane Odile left a lot of water around.

306 New Dengue Cases The First Week Of November

3682 Total Dengue Cases And Counting As Of This Week

And if dengue weren’t enough to be concerned about, Mexico detected its first case of mosquito-borne chikungunya virus this week on the mainland.

Chikungunya Virus In México

BCS Governor Solution To Recent La Paz Murders

If this wasn’t such a serious issue, this “solution” would be absolutely comical:

No More Tinted Windows

A side note: last week I had dinner with friends in Pescadero and while driving back in to Todos Santos at 9:30 pm, I was stopped at the south entrance to Todos Santos by the military. They were looking for guns and drugs and gave me a more difficult time than I thought I deserved. Eventually they let me go on my way and it was a bit reassuring to see that someone is trying to find the guns locally. It’s the first time I have seen a random stop that late at night. When the military was operating the stop on the north side of town, sometimes they would stop traffic late at night but that was a permanent fixture until the recently completed by-pass made it moot.

There Be Whales (In Todos Santos)

I had heard some people talk about seeing whales as early as September but I hadn’t seen any. I am happy to report that Hurricane Odile did not scare the whales away. For the last two days I have seen them frolicking in the ocean from my house.

Whale viewing season is in full swing!