The Fog Has Arrived

For those of you who appreciate weather updates, this morning was FOGGY as in very foggy but by 7:30 am local time it was all gone. Our fog occurs when the land is hotter than the ocean and the last two days have been warm to hot in the sunshine but ok in the shade. The first fog of 2015 certainly means that spring is here although most of us are still wondering when was our winter. I don’t believe that night time temps dipped below 52F all winter long. Need I say that those numbers are not normal and not likely encouraging for a coolish summer. Vamos a ver!

Friendly Gray Whales

Aside from the recent accident in Los Cabos, whale tourism is generally a very safe activity and the guides in San Ignacio are very experienced. The whale season is coming to an end but I understand many whales are still around. I read online (but can’t find the link) that whale numbers were up substantially from last year. That’s a good thing.

So in an effort to post something uplifting after all the less than good news, here’s a video and recent article about whale watching in the San Ignacio Lagoon. Enjoy!

Watching The Whales

Planning To Drive The Baja Peninsula? Better Check First

It’s that time of year when many snow birds begin their migration home leaving behind the sunny climes of Baja California Sur. Many of my Canadian friends have plans to leave by the end of March. A word to the wise: there have been several PIA road blockages in the San Quintin area as farm workers are rightly protesting their working and living conditions. The method of protest is to block Highway 1, the only highway leading back to the US and Canada from Baja Sur. According to news reports, the blockades are not static. When security forces reopen the road, the protesters start a new blockade at a different site. Many travelers have been forced to seek lodging on short notice and there is not a lot of lodging available in the areas being blockaded. So try to stay up to date before you drive and remember that the blockades spring up quickly so there really is no way to know for sure if you will be delayed.

San Quintin Protesters Block Highway 1


Hard Two Weeks For Tourism In Baja Sur

It has been a tough two weeks, especially for Canadians. Let’s see, there was the whale colliding with a tour boat, killing a 35 year old Canadian woman. Then there was the robbery event on Isla Espiritu Santo.  This week another Los Cabos tour boat exploded causing injuries to the boat captain and a female tourist, nationality unknown. And finally, a male Canadian tourist was found beaten to death on El Tule beach in the Los Cabos tourist corridor. As far as I know, all is well in the local Todos Santos / Pescadero area.

Canadian Man Likely Beaten To Death In Los Cabos

Two Injured As Tourist Boat Explodes In Los Cabos

Effects Of Hurricane Odile Linger In Los Cabos

All is not back to normal in Baja Sur after Hurricane Odile. According to a preliminary report, up to 2000 small businesses have not and will not reopen in Los Cabos post-Odile.

Small Businesses Not Reopening In Los Cabos

Here in Todos Santos, most businesses have made repairs and are open, with the Distillery being the most notable exception though the owner told me recently that he is trying to reopen at a new location. Of course, our CFE (electric company) building was the single most damaged structure in Todos Santos and repairs are nearing completion nearly 6 months later. CFE is operating out of a trailer parked on the vacant lot next to the Hotel California.

In Pescadero, the main loss seems to be the Sandbar. The debris has not even been removed. It appears that no effort has been made to clean up the one time favorite Pescadero dive bar.