PRI Sex Scandal In México City

The PRI retook control of the Mexican government in the last election, partly due to portraying themselves and new and different from the PRI that ruled México in a one party situation for over 70 years. But on April 2 in México City, a sex scandal broke that is very reminiscent of the “good ‘ole days.”

Scandal In México: A Trashy Tale

A Tres Santos Promotional Video – Todos Santos

I found the following video on Vimeo. It’s professional and very well done. These guys know their stuff and are using all the right themes and keywords to attract the attention of their perceived market group. What I find incredibly ironic is that if they succeed and bring in over 10,000 new people to Todos Santos (currently 5000-6000 inhabitants), they will destroy the environment they are so heavily promoting. When you shine a light and attract attention to a locale, you fundamentally alter what had been there before, IMHO.

Here’s the text included with the video:

Tres Santos’ three settings offer a holistic, integrated approach to life. A beach village, a farm village and breathtaking hills—all connected to Todos Santos and each other by walkable/bikable paths. Outdoor activities, locally sourced food, authentic architecture, artisan boutiques, landscape as art, and people—hospitable, civic-minded, cross-cultural, collaborative, and invested. This is a place that brings people together and inspires a shared sense of belonging and purpose. The place has all the makings of an epicenter of wellness, but it’s the people—the indigenous healers, organic farmers, fishermen, yoga teachers, naturopaths, and the enlightened crowd that frequents the town—that are creating this wake-up call for mindful living. There is a harmonious relationship between the place and its inhabitants. It’s a place for health-minded pilgrims who are rethinking life, their priorities, their carbon footprint and their connection to the earth. It’s a destination for those mindful of the kind of relationship their children will be able to have with nature. It’s a place to really live. 

In Todos Santos – Playa Santos No Mas? It’s Tres Santos Now And The Marketing Has Begun In Earnest

There really hasn’t been much info publicly available about “Playa Santos” the last few months. No wonder. A quick name change and they are now “Tres Santos.” You remember this project right? MIRA Companies of México, a subsidiary of Black Creek of Colorado. Desal plant at Punta Lobos. No threat to the existing water systems. All that remains to be seen.

But they will get what they want. The marketing and public relations have begun. They are too experienced and well funded to not successfully navigate the mine field that is development in México, i.e. politics. My personal major concern is about the science they will use for the desal plant and what the residual salt will or will not do to the fragile underground fresh water aquifer that we all depend on regardless of who is pumping the water out of the ground. Water is an ever growing concern here and putting any of our fresh water at risk seems totally foolish to me.

MIRA is working with Colorado State University and they are donating land and buildings for a Colorado State University Todos Santos Center.

todos santos center colorado state university

Artist Rendering Of Colorado State University Todos Santos Center Complex

The CSU Todos Santos Center, which will consist of three donated buildings and five acres of farm land, will be CSU’s first international center. It intends to offer hands-on bi-cultural education and research opportunities and events for CSU students and faculty, as well as for Todos Santos residents and visitors. Study and research plans include an emphasis on agriculture, wildlife ecology, veterinary medicine, environmental and social sustainability, and language study, among others.

MIRA will begin construction on the Center’s boarding and dining facility, classrooms, library and the Todos Santos Agricultural and Water Research Center in April, 2014. The Center is scheduled to open winter of 2015. MIRA’s gift represents approximately US$4.3 million in land and facilities.

The multifaceted CSU center will include dormitory-style lodging for 24 students and faculty, classroom spaces, and an Agriculture and Water Research Center where local farmers and CSU students and researchers will grow organic fruits and vegetables and study effective water use.

It’s very hard to know what to believe and what / who to trust concerning this issue. Different things are being said to different interest groups so how do you get a handle on what really will be happening? Vamos a ver I suppose. One thing appears certain, the Todos Santos that was, will be changing in a big way and very quickly.

Read the press releases for more info:

Colorado State University Launches International Center In México

Colorado State University Todos Santos Center

MIRA Companies Press Release Todos Santos Center

Lime Prices Soaring, Even In Todos Santos

There is only a muttering of discontent in the Todos Santos area concerning the high price of limes and Mexicans use limes on everything from Margaritas to tacos. We are blessed locally with a lot of lime trees (although my neighbor’s tree is not producing well this year) so perhaps that’s why we haven’t been hit as hard but still, limes cost 2-4 times what they cost last year at this time. It’s a nationwide, no make that continent wide problem as you can read in the link below:

Lime Prices Soar In Mexico

From NPR: Lime Lovers Squeezed By High Prices

Baseball Stadium In Todos Santos Gets Renovated

Sometime in the last two weeks, I drove by the baseball stadium in Todos Santos and was surprised to see workers laying what appeared to be grass in the outfield. I continued home, hoping it wasn’t really grass because that would mean watering, and water is an increasingly rare commodity here in the cape portion of Baja Sur. But it’s not living grass, it’s artificial turf, 8,450 square meters of the stuff (nearly 84,500 square feet) and it completely changes the visual of the stadium. As the sign in the photo below states, 8.3 million pesos were spent to install 8,450 square meters of turf and 2,850 square meters of red dirt. Looks like the structures all got a new paint job too.

Sign Announcing Renovation Of Todos Santos Baseball Statium

Sign Announcing Renovation Of Todos Santos Baseball Statium

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