Does Telmex Read This Blog? And Other Tidbits

Well maybe. See I had phone and internet for 6 days, beginning last Saturday. Over the last 3 days, Telmex workers have been in my area repairing cables. Yesterday my working line suddenly didn’t work! My neighbor across the street has phone and internet but not me. Did they read the blog and is this payback for getting on their case? Not really. I found the workers today and they are going to check the lines to my house so hopefully I’ll be back up later today.

I haven’t mentioned the weather. It started cooling down at night on Monday, October 13. A lot of cooling. Days are still very hot in the sun but nights and mornings are delightful. Unless another tropical storm comes up this way with hot humid air, we should be done with the worst of this very long and destructive summer.

Costco will be opening in Los Cabos on October 29 at 8 am. They will not be fully stocked (e.g. electronics) but they should have perishable and non-perishable food items. It’s hard to convey to those who don’t live here full time what a big difference Costco makes in our day to day lives. Costco carries products that simply cannot be found elsewhere and because so many tourist businesses depend on Costco, I am told the Mexican government shared some of the cost of accelerating the re-opening.

Lastly, no new info on the shots fired by the baseball stadium. As best I can learn, no one was injured. Vamos a ver.

More Gunshots In Todos Santos, October 15, 2014

Sadly it seems that some sort of drug related turf war is underway. That’s my best guess since there were more gunshots in the San Vicente bario of Todos Santos yesterday evening, near the baseball stadium. I haven’t heard if anyone was hurt or what the issue was. If and when I learn more, I’ll post immediately.

(Also 4 more drug related execution style murders occurred in La Paz in the last 3 days, bringing the total to 24 since July 31.)

Gunshots In Todos Santos

Todos Santos Is Fully Functional (Mostly)

I keep getting emails and comments from people asking me if this area has recovered or if I know such and such a person or if they should cancel their vacation plans due to hurricane damage.

I appreciate the faith you are placing in me but I don’t know the answers. If I know, I’ll reply to your comment. If not I’ll remain silent.

So here’s the best recap I can manage:

1) Todos Santos and Pescadero have full electricity.
2) Todos Santos has city water, more or less as regularly as before Odile.
3) Not sure of the water situation in Pescadero.
4) All roads are passable, most in great condition, including the highways to Los Cabos and La Paz. Road signs are still missing so you could get confused at certain interchanges.
5) I have heard that Hacienda Cerritos and Surf Colony suffered major damage but I cannot verify these claims.
6) There were no hurricane related fatalities in the area that I am aware of.
7) Cell phone service from Telcel and Movistar is totally restored although there are occasional glitches in the system. Workers are out daily trying to finish initial repairs to the landline phone network.

If you have vacation plans for November and later, you should have no major problems as I expect even the few remaining trouble spots to be repaired by then. 

Some Odile Photos, Morning After In Todos Santos

Yes, I have internet and yes, my computers still work even though they did get wet. Everything in my office space got wet and I am still working through the boxes of wet papers. But at least everything is working and I can process photos again! I plan to take several posts to get them all up.

todos santos hurricane odile

Cafelix / Boyitacos - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos hurricane odile

Cafelix / Boyitacos - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos hurricane odile

Crafts Store Without A Roof - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos hurricane odile

Hotel California - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

todos santos hurricane odile

Galeria Alas y Olas - Day After Odile Hits Todos Santos

Drug Violence Reaches Todos Santos?

This may go down as the year that cartel drug violence finally found the Cape region of Baja Sur, including La Paz and Todos Santos. La Paz has always seemed off limits but this year there have been 20 drug related murders already in La Paz. As far as I know, the violence has been only directed at other “drugistas” and no innocent souls have suffered, yet.

This Sunday, the violence found Todos Santos. As I was driving into town around noon, I found Calle Topete blocked just after the callejon. Today I learned why – a 29 year old man was gunned down around 11:30 am while on his ATV and left to die in the street. He was shot several times but remained alive long enough to get to a La Paz hospital, where he passed away. The assailants fled in a compact car.

What does this mean for Todos Santos? I don’t think anyone can really say right now but it cannot be good.

Full story: Drug Violence In Todos Santos?