34 Civil Society Groups Oppose Los Cardones Open Pit Mine In Sierra La Laguna Mountains

The press release says it all:

Gabriel Patron, Niparaja, gabrielpatron@niparaja.org, +52 612 1221171 ext 112
Payal Sampat, International Program Director, Earthworks, psampat@earthworksaction.org, + 1 (202) 887 1872 x110
Jesús Echevarría, President of the Advisory Board of Sierra La Laguna, jeh944@hotmail.com, +52 1 612 1679302

Mexican/International Coalition Urges Mexico’s Environment Ministry to Block Los Cardones Mine Proposal Within UNESCO Global Biosphere Reserve

Local farmers and businesses declare mine would deplete and pollute limited water in Baja California SurLa Paz, Mexico and Washington, D.C. –An international coalition of 34 civil society groups has urged Mexico’s central environment authority SEMARNAT to deny permits for the Los Cardones mine proposed by Mexican corporation Invecture. The groups demanded that SEMARNAT protect the Sierra la Laguna Mountains UNESCO Global Biosphere Reserve, its limited water resources, and the communities that depend on them. The coalition comprises of community organizations, and environmental and human rights groups based in Baja California Sur and around the world.

“Los Cardones would place at risk all future development in Baja California Sur,” said Jesús Echevarría Haro, President of the Advisory Board of Sierra La Laguna. He continued, “Our economy is driven by tourism, real estate and organic agriculture. There is no room for open-pit mines in our fragile part of the world.”

Recent mine disasters highlight Los Cardones’ pollution risks. In Mexico and Canada, the Sonora and Mount Polley mine waste spills poured billions of gallons of toxics into nearby rivers and lakes. The Los Cardones mine’s tailings dam would be located atop the watershed from which a new aqueduct will be supplying the city of La Paz — threatening the water supply for its nearly 250,000 inhabitants.

“Mount Polley’s operator claimed to use best practices and technology when it was built, just as Los Cardones’ promoters are saying now” said Payal Sampat, International Program Director at Earthworks. “A short-lived gold mine is just not worth the risk of permanent pollution.”

The creation of this 10-year mine would generate more than 64,000 tons of waste material each day. Even without the mine, historical mining has contaminated water and produced waste rock in the area. [ read more ... ]

Shades Of Blue Art Show Coming January 2, 2015

shades of blue todos santos art show

Poster For Upcoming Shades Of Blue Art Show

Permanent/Temporary Resident Requirements Lowered In México

Way back in October, México somewhat relaxed the requirements for foreigners seeking either temporary or permanent resident status. Minimum bank balances for temporary residents have been reduced from around $100,000 US to $25,000 US, of course depending on the current exchange rate which is very favorable right now due to the declining prices of crude oil. There are also reductions in the monthly income requirements. Read all the details at the link below.

Financial Requirements For Mexican Residency Reduced

Mindful Living In Todos Santos, Courtesy Of Mira Companies

I am sorry if you don’t agree, but this stuff just makes me sick.

As an aside, city water delivery in Las Tunas has become totally erratic, usually without enough pressure to fill elevated storage tanks. With masssive development on the horizon, the water situation can only worsen. <Update: There is water in Las Tunas. Apparently I have a problem with the meter or valve on the street side of my city water connection. With the systemic irregularity of city water delivery, it never occurred to me to check whether my neighbors were receiving water until yesterday. My bad.>

Mindful Living in Todos Santos


Gasoline Prices Higher In México Than US And Going Higher

Sad but true. I remember when the price of gasoline in Todos Santos was much lower than in the US. The US has a supposedly “free market” approach to gas pricing whereas México sets the price at the federal level for the entire nation. Currently a liter of regular gas costs 13.28 pesos or nearly $1 US at current bank exchange rates (I wrote this post just before the peso tanked to 14.3 to the dollar) – $3.80 approximately for a gallon. This cost is set to rise both in December and January so get ready for gas pump shock.

Mexico City, November 19, 2014 – Next January, the price of gasoline in Mexico will be almost 50% greater than the price of gasoline in the United States.

The will happen because there will be two new price increases in December and January, 2015, according to the gas price increases approved by the government. Meanwhile, in the US there will be a price decrease.

According to information from Reforma, the United States Energy Information Agency projects that in January, 2015, Regular gasoline in that country will by $2.62 dollars per gallon, which is equivalent to 9.21 pesos per liter, based upon the exchange rate expected by the Banxico survey, meanwhile Magna gasoline in Mexico will be at 13.71 pesos.