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Baja California Sur’s (And Todos Santos’) Long Term Issues

You have heard me complain about water in my neighborhood. It’s still the same, either the delivery system isn’t functioning correctly or the guy who is supposed to manually open and shut the valves isn’t working because he is drunk or the water utility is trying to deliver too little water to too many homes at the same time, resulting in very low pressure and low water flow, pressure so low that water won’t come out of a garden spigot. And our home storage tanks are rarely full and we never truly know if we will get water delivery on the days we are scheduled. This makes it really hard to organize and know when to shower, wash clothes or water plants. Yet the municipal water authorities in La Paz have granted the right to 23,000 gallons a day to the new Tres Santos development, yep, the very same developers who stated in public that they would not use a single drop of municipal water in their development. But I digress….

Mike Brozda has recently posted a superior look at the potentially devastating issues that Baja California Sur (and Todos Santos) are facing. It’s a long article, very well researched and executed, and worthy of your time to read.

Boiling Points: Overdrawn Aquifers, Scarce Surface Water, Mega-Developments, Controversial Desalination Plants and “Zombie” Gold Mines Superheat Debate in the Desert

Did those topics catch your attention? They should. Read the entire, well written article: Water Pressures In Baja California