2016 East Pacific Hurricane Season Is Upon Us

May 15 is the official first day of the East Pacific hurricane season and November 30 is the last day. Storms can form and present danger beyond these dates but normally the vast majority of storms occur between these dates.

NOAA hasn’t yet released their predictions but the Mexican weather service and some online weather services have. (As an aside, the weather has been about perfect for most of May. Nights remain cool (60s F), humidity low and days warm and sunny but very pleasant and sometimes even cold in the shade. We need to enjoy this while we can because summer is coming!)

todos santos 2016 hurricane predictions

2016 East Pacific Hurricane Forecast - SMN

todos santos hurricane forecast 2016

2016 East Pacific Hurricane Prediction - Accuweather

I’ll post again when NOAA releases their take on the Todos Santos storm season or when a storm forms that might affect us. Yes, I know there is a “Howard” this year. Kinda scary!

(If you are reading this post on any blog other than www.todossantos.net then you are reading copyrighted content that was reposted without permission of the author, i.e. Howard Ekman.)

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