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A Todos Santos Weather Oddity, Very Odd Indeed

Yesterday, Feb 12, was the strangest weather day. We have two amateur weather stations in the local area, one in Pescadero and the other in the Las Brisas neighborhood of Todos Santos. At 9:30 am, the Pescadero station reported 80F and calm winds from the SE while the Todos Santos station reported 94.5F and strong winds alternating from the NE and S.

From my location, the winds were from the NE or S and the temp was very much warmer than 80F, but I can’t say if it was really 94.5F or not. My bedroom reached over 80F so I am inclined to believe it was in the 90s outside. Even in the depths of summer heat, I have never seen it reach 94.5F by 9:30am in the morning.

It remains unseasonably warm today too. Everyone is wondering what is going on with the weather.  Pescadero is only about 9 miles from the Todos Santos weather station site. Could the weather in the two locations have really been that different?

X-Files anyone? :)

Early February 2016 Weather In Todos Santos

February started off normal enough, with days in the mid 70s and nights in the mid 50s, all F. Never mind that these temps are warmer than the ones I recall from 15 years ago, but I digress. On Feb 9, the winds shifted and began blowing from the s/sw and brought warm humid air to our little piece of paradise. Yesterday the winds continued and today, while the winds are barely blowing, the temps have risen again to the low 80s F (same as the last two days) with humidity as high as 80%. 80 and 80, that’s summertime madness happening right now in early February. Overnight lows have been in the mid 60s the last 3 nights. Surfers believe, probably rightly so, that this means a southern swell is on the way, again, another late spring/summer event.

So let’s hope this is a short term blip in our winter (?) weather. It’s way too early for this type of heat and humidity.

Condé Nast Traveler Covers Todos Santos (Or Is It Tres Santos?)

Condé Nast Traveler just published a series on Baja Sur and of course included Todos Santos. The article is well written (even if you think the slant is somewhat juvenile) BUT a large part of the story reads like a PR release for Tres Santos. Makes me wonder if they “sponsored” the “journalist’s  unbiased” visit to the area.

No matter how much self serving BS may be included, it’s still worth a read.

Finding Just Right In Baja Sur, México

On a similar note, there has been a ton of press covering Todos Santos lately, mostly from big name US sources. I attribute this to the PR push from Tres Santos as they are prominently mentioned in most every story (including the Condé Nast one) and the local opposition to the project is rarely noted. Sad way to get press and I’m not at all certain that “any press is good press.” On the positive side, I keep hearing that Tres Santos is not having success pre-selling units.