Daily Archives: March 27, 2016

Lights And Todos Santos Weather

Well the weather can hardly be any better, truly. 60F or so at night, 75F during the days with a decent breeze from the W or N/W.  We had a little bit of fog (it’s early for this) and some mornings a fog bank can been seen out over the Pacific. Some mornings are a bit cloudy but it’s been clear by noon most days. It’s our normal (don’t get to say that very often any more) Todos Santos spring weather.

Hurricane Odile, back in September 2014, totally destroyed the street lights on the main road(s) through Todos Santos. Calle Militar and Calle Degollado have been dark since then but finally, the new street lights have been turned on and Todos Santos once again glows at night. We now have more light than ever in the center of town.