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Time In Todos Santos (And México) Changes Sunday, April 3

While DST was implemented in the US and Canada about 3 weeks ago, this weekend is the “spring forward” date for México. So Sunday night at 2 am, clocks advance one hour. Don’t forget or it will be very difficult to be on time for any appointments.

Not sure about you all, but it takes me at least a week to adjust. And it never seems right to be eating dinner while the sun is still burning strong in the sky.

Los Cerritos Beach Club Closed For Consumer Protection Violations

From ColectivoPericu by way of Fulano:

This morning, a brigade from the Federal Consumer Protection Agency showed up at the Los Cerritos Beach Club,” located in the community of El Pescador, where they placed seals suspending operation when the found irregularities in the services offered to customers.

This is the same establishment where last weekend they were stopping beach access to local tourists, so they would no bother their foreign visitors who enjoyed the sun.

Read the rest with photos: Los Cerritos Beach Club Closed