Fiestas Tradicionales In Todos Santos Baja: October 7-12

A friend emailed yesterday from the US as she was wondering if Todos Santos was still having hot weather. Easy answer: YES! Why I asked? Because we are coming to visit for the October festival, October 6-14.

Those dates didn’t sound right to me. After a quick calendar check I noticed that the patron saint’s day, October 12, fell on Wednesday, a terrible day to plan the festival around. So some time spent in town asking questions and I have the confirmed dates: October 7 -12.

This festival celebrates the founding of Todos Santos and her saint, Pilar. The full name of the local church is Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Pilar. The festival has religious overtones as well as being a blow out party for the entire local area. Usually the 12th is the climax night but falling on a Wednesday this year, it seems likely the weekend will be the biggest party time.

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