New Info On Cabo San Lucas, Baja Shootings

So many rumors flying around, it’s hard to even get a kernel of the possible truth. Add to this the tendency of officials to stonewall and downplay the significance of violent events and, well you get the picture.

Yesterday I spoke with a well connected Mexican friend. He told me that his contacts say that the shooting in Plaza Sendero in Cabo San Lucas was not drug related and not related to the murder of the new Cabo San Lucas homicide chief Martín Márquez Ruiz. According to my friend, the homicide chief was new to Cabo San Lucas, having taken office when the new governor was instated. Homicide chief Martín Márquez Ruiz had been arresting members of a local drug and murder gang who apparently were not harassed under the prior administration. The story is that other local gang members kidnapped and murdered him as payback and to stop his activities. This local gang has no known affiliation with national drug cartels. The shootings early Saturday morning in barrio Brisas del Pacifico in Cabo San Lucas, Baja were related to security activity concerning the murder of Martín Márquez Ruiz.

There are two main versions of the events at Plaza Sendero that are now being talked about or written about in the press. The first says that the incident started when 2 joy riding young men hit one of three municipal policemen with their car near Plaza Sendero. The young men abandoned the car and ran into the Plaza parking lot. The policemen hailed a passing military truck full of soldiers and told the soldiers that armed drug dealers had just fled into the parking lot. The soldiers followed and one overly zealous soldier fired shots. There was no return gunfire and no gunfight. The security people did all the shooting.

Version two is similar but different. After questioning suspects and reviewing all available videos, the state police confirm that an emergency call about an incident (stating armed men were present in Plaza Sendero) was made to the municipal police who notified the military and other security personnel who then arrived at Plaza Sendero expecting armed resistance. The shootings started with shots from the security personnel and the shots were not returned. There was no gun battle between criminals and security personnel. The three suspects arrested told a similar story. The state police say the three had no weapons and were cleared from ever firing a weapon that day by chemical testing.

In my original post about this event, at the bottom of the page, there is a press release from the Mexican Federal government stating that they did not believe this incident to be related to the killing of homicide chief Martín Márquez Ruiz. If the stories above are true, then this is indeed the case. Since there have been no other reports of similar violence, perhaps the violent drug cartels have not begun to fight over Baja Sur. That would be great news!

Things are peaceful in Cabos San Lucas, Pescadero and Todos Santos. I feel perfectly safe here and would not hesitate to visit anywhere in Baja Sur.

The Truth Of Plaza Sendero (Spanish)
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3 Responses to New Info On Cabo San Lucas, Baja Shootings

  1. So what was going on Sunday morning in Los Cabos about 9:30 a.m. with the armed Police running into the Puerto Paradis Mall? There were tons of cop cars everywhere running into the mall. Does anyone know?

  2. I recently heard that two or three people were shot on Christmas Eve in Todos Santos near the OXXO. Is there any truth to this story?

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