Lots Of Changes This Week In Todos Santos

Ok, first up, the weather has definitely changed. All week overnight lows have been in the mid 60s F while daytime highs are in the mid 80s F with the humidity having dropped to acceptable levels below 80%. The difference is amazing. It’s a good time to return to Todos Santos and many are. Where everyone is going to park their cars is beyond me – the center of town is still a mess and the newly designed road modifications have removed most of the parking that used to exist in the center of Todos Santos. Seems those urban engineers in La Paz never actually talk with residents before drawing up schemes that always fail to make things better. Ah, lindo México!

Second up, México (and Baja Sur) leave daylight savings time behind this weekend. So be certain to move your clocks back 1 hour late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. The US doesn’t change time for another week or so and that will lead to confusion in some instances. Don’t get caught 1 hour late for an appointment, remember to change your clocks!

Finally, the people on the Pacific coast of mainland México in the states of Jalisco, Colima and nearby others. Hurricane Patricia, the strongest storm ever measured in the East Pacific basin, is about to make landfall as a CAT 5 storm. Having lived through Odile, a CAT 3 storm at landfall, I cannot imagine the fear and pain people in those areas will be experiencing. A CAT 5 storm can destroy all but the strongest construction. I fear the areas hit will be dealing with the aftermath for many many months to come. Good luck to you all.

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