Mid-November 2015 Weather And Bug Update

The summer like weather has lingered a long time. It hasn’t been terrible but still the days have been very hot in the sun and the nights, while coolish, have not been cool enough to rid us of the infestation of “bo-bos” or biting midges AKA noseeums. And the mosquitoes have hung around too.

Last night, Nov. 16, that all changed. The winds blew hard from the north (and are still blowing very hard from the north today) and the temps dropped strongly down to 58F in Pescadero and supposedly 65F in Todos Santos. The current humidity is 38% so even though the air temp is in the low 80s F, it feels cool. It was cool this morning and there were NO bo-bos nor mosquitoes bothering me when I walked the dog today.

Maybe, just maybe, summer has finally left Todos Santos for the year 2015.

(If you are reading this post on any blog other than www.todossantos.net then you are reading copyrighted content that was reposted without permission of the author, i.e. Howard Ekman.)

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