Lights And Todos Santos Weather

Well the weather can hardly be any better, truly. 60F or so at night, 75F during the days with a decent breeze from the W or N/W.  We had a little bit of fog (it’s early for this) and some mornings a fog bank can been seen out over the Pacific. Some mornings are a bit cloudy but it’s been clear by noon most days. It’s our normal (don’t get to say that very often any more) Todos Santos spring weather.

Hurricane Odile, back in September 2014, totally destroyed the street lights on the main road(s) through Todos Santos. Calle Militar and Calle Degollado have been dark since then but finally, the new street lights have been turned on and Todos Santos once again glows at night. We now have more light than ever in the center of town.

Coldest Night Of 2016 Winter In Todos Santos

Yep, 49F last night, the coldest night yet in 2016. Just thought you would like to know…

Winter And Rain In March In Todos Santos

Winter has basically been absent this season in the Todos Santos area. Temps have been noticeably warmer than what was once considered normal. But last night a cold front moved through and we had chilly winds from the NW and this morning we have rain, off and on lightly, but rain. The coldest temp of the last 24 hours was 59F at 10:33 am this morning. That says a lot!

I remember needing 3 blankets on my bed not too many winters ago. This year I am using only one!

Hacienda Cerritos Is For Sale Just South Of Todos Santos

But you had better have deep pockets!

The often maligned boutique hotel (wasn’t it supposed to be a private residence for Roger Pollock?) located on the rocky point at Playa Los Cerritos is for sale according to – all you need is $12.8 million US and it can be yours.

Just more proof that this isn’t your father’s Todos Santos any longer…

Hacienda Cerritos For Sale


A Todos Santos Weather Oddity, Very Odd Indeed

Yesterday, Feb 12, was the strangest weather day. We have two amateur weather stations in the local area, one in Pescadero and the other in the Las Brisas neighborhood of Todos Santos. At 9:30 am, the Pescadero station reported 80F and calm winds from the SE while the Todos Santos station reported 94.5F and strong winds alternating from the NE and S.

From my location, the winds were from the NE or S and the temp was very much warmer than 80F, but I can’t say if it was really 94.5F or not. My bedroom reached over 80F so I am inclined to believe it was in the 90s outside. Even in the depths of summer heat, I have never seen it reach 94.5F by 9:30am in the morning.

It remains unseasonably warm today too. Everyone is wondering what is going on with the weather.  Pescadero is only about 9 miles from the Todos Santos weather station site. Could the weather in the two locations have really been that different?

X-Files anyone? :)