Summer Is Coming (To Todos Santos) And So Is The Threat Of Tropical Storms

Unlike Game Of Thrones, it’s not winter that is worrisome in Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico. It’s summer! And our summer doesn’t start or end when the calendar says it is supposed to. Typically, our summer weather begins with the first named storm in the tropical convergence zone way south of us. Tropical storms spin counterclockwise and force warm water and warm moist air further north, towards the Baja peninsula, bringing high humidity, warmer nights and warmer sea surface temps to the Todos Santos area. Later in the summer, storms begin to travel in the direction of  Baja Sur and by then, we are fully immersed in the dog days of summer.

We have been enjoying a very long stretch of nearly perfect weather with cool (60s F) nights and moderate sunny days (75F) but this will change with the first storms south of us. And one is trying to form right now. Today is the most humid day in quite a while, hovering around 80%. If historical norms still apply, our night time temps will rise about 5F and not go back down, or possibly go back a bit but ratchet up even higher with the next storm and daytime temps will slowly edge up as the sun becomes more intense. When I first moved to Todos Santos (1996) the weather was pleasant through mid August. Now we are lucky to have pleasant weather through June. And summer doesn’t truly end until the storm season passes at the end of November, although rarely do we have brutal heat in November. But truly, historical norms are being tested every day.

Potential Storm Brewing To The South Of Todos Santos

Potential Storm Brewing To The South Of Todos Santos

NOAA has released their forecast for our area and I’ll post that information this weekend.

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