Tres (Playa) Santos Slides From July 2013 Public Meeting

Here are a few of the slides from the presentation. Note that one says no municipal water will be used and another says no water from the aquifer will be used.

Sorry for the small images but you can click on the image for a larger version – I could not figure another way to quickly display them legibly.

tres santos todos santos baja

Project Summary Slide

todos santos baja tres santos project

Water Bullet Points

todos santos baja tres santos

Desal Plant

todos santos baja tres santos project

After Filtration Waste Water (Salty)

todos santos baja tres santos project

Residual Water Treatment


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3 Responses to Tres (Playa) Santos Slides From July 2013 Public Meeting

  1. Roxanne Sparks

    With them it seems like a case of say anything and then do what you want. They’ve already made Punta Lobos into someplace else and put their huge pila on the side of the hill near the university site. Thanks for what you are doing, Howard. My heart is breaking for Todos Santos these days.

  2. Patricia Adams

    Thank you, Howard, for providing us with info about the development at Punta Lobos and concerns about what they’re doing compared to what their promises were. We are part-time Todos Santos residents. Your information is a very useful service. We copied the slides you presented and translated them.

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