Truth Santos Counters Tres Santos In Todos Santos, Baja Sur

It’s been about 2 years since Tres Santos (then Playa Santos) had their SEMARNAT mandated dog and pony show in the Todos Santos theatre to inform the public of their long range development plans for our area. Many seasoned veterans of the development wars were highly skeptical of the statements being made and time is proving that their skepticism was well founded. I photographed nearly the entire slide show presentation and will try to locate the specific slides pertaining to water use and Punta Lobos fisherman access issues since it appears that Tres Santos is totally reneging on promises made at that meeting, which was the ONLY public contact between the developers and the community. Our worst nightmares are becoming real.

Below are two videos, one from Tres Santos documenting their attempt to sell the project to wealthy investors/clients at a dinner and booze bash somewhere in the US and another from a new group ( trying to publicize hard facts concerning the project and illuminate the suspect activities that are ongoing at Punta Lobos and beyond. Be sure to visit the site to read more information that Tres Santos would prefer remained hidden.

There is no doubt that the two biggest threats to the continued existence of the Todos Santos we all currently love are Tres Santos and gold mining in the Sierra de la Laguna. Be informed, aware and vocal in your opposition to these projects as the Todos Santos of today will not be able to continue to exist if these projects succeed. If you happen to be considering buying into the Tres Santos project, do your homework independently. Don’t trust what the sales people tell you. All that glitters in Baja Sur is NOT gold.

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10 Responses to Truth Santos Counters Tres Santos In Todos Santos, Baja Sur

  1. I’d really like to see those slides from their original presentation. When will people learn wellness, health, and happiness aren’t for sale? A sad commentary on how desperate we’ve become for genuine connection.

    • Working on some of the slides right now. They definitely state no use of municipal water and no use of aquifer water. Smoke and mirrors – these guys are expert at it – telling one group one thing, a different group another thing.

  2. When will people learn peace of mind and health cannot be bought? I hope you find the slides from the original (and only) community meeting. I’d like to see what they said.

  3. Thank you Howard for getting this information out. Your publicity, and Truth Santos, are both helpful steps in getting the locals informed and galvanized against Tres Santos the way they are organized against the gold mines. I only pray that there is still time stop this before…

  4. Eli de Todos Santos

    This is so Sinical!!!! Those are the bussines men that will destroy this comunity and are chacing the fishermen away. The comunity in Todos Santos is not promoting this at all. Only a couple of foreigners that want to take advantage of the place to be richer. The water in Todos Santos is not enough already, the comunity in Todos Santos dont want Tres Santos. If you are planing to be part of the cominity you dont try to bring thousands of foreigners at once in a devlopment that has nothing to do with this comunity but only destroying it.

  5. You are all wrong. Why dont you see the benefit of it? I had visited many times Todos SAntos, and people there are really poor. But the owner of the hotel can charge 4500 pesos the night! and 350 pesos a plate of fish for dinner… that is ridiculous… but the local people? lives in extreme poverty. this development will bring a lot of work to local people, they will benefit of it!! there will be a hospital which I believe right now is like 35 minutes away. Please people, why don you allow that local people LIVE BETTER THAN NOW? They live like 100 years ago. Maybe they are happy, but they deserve to have more.

    • Regina, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I have not yet met a local Mexican either employed by the project or in favor of it. Most are worried about access to the beach at Punta Lobos and what will become of the fishing coops. Foreigners tend to be concerned with pollution and natural resource use.

    • You don’t have the right to say that everyone else is wrong. There is no benefit to this community with this development. We don’t need a bunch of rich foreigners coming in here & hogging all the water & the land. This development group has already started lying to the community. First they said they would not ask for water & now they have asked & are getting “subsistence” water & now want to put in 8 wells. They are digging out the hillsides for fill & have stripped away the natural plant life thats keeps the sand dunes in place. They want to displace the fishermen. those fishermen have no where else to go!

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