Updated “Tres Santos” Article From Viviane Mahieux

Viviane Mahieux is actively ensuring that the word gets out in print about the “mindful” Tres Santos development in Todos Santos, Baja. Over the weekend, local fishermen blockaded access to Punta Lobos and the Tres Santos construction site. Apparently it’s going to take civil disobedience to convince people in power that a grave error has been made in the permitting process for this project.

Resistance is growing in Todos Santos, Baja California, to a tourism and University campus mega-development of 4,500 homes that claims to be ‘free range and locally sourced’, writes Viviane Mahieux. It has already grossly disfigured one of Mexico most gorgeous beaches, while locals fear it will drain their aquifers and obliterate a harmonious community.

Nothing Mindful About Tres Santos / CSU Development In Todos Santos Baja


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